Speciality Breads

Natalie’s Bakery signature specialty breads are made with fresh, organic ingredients and include variations of olive oil, smoked ham, pepperoni, cheese and bacon.

Ham Lovers Bread

Ham brad using thick chunks of Dearborn smoked ham rolled with mozzarella cheese. After bake we brushed with our italian seasoning. Great alternative to pizza.

Italian Olive Oil Bread

Italian olive oil bread takes 48 hours to make the texture. Then brushed with our special mix of seasoning.

Makes the perfect combination!

Meat Lovers Bread

We started making our Meat lovers bread about 5 years ago, using mozzarella cheese, smoked ham, pepperoni, and bacon all inside rolled.

Makes great meal!

Garlic Onion Mozzarella Bread

Not a big fan of meat, try our Garlic Onion Mozzarella bread. Made with all fresh ingredients making one fabulous combination.

Hearty by itself or to accompany any meal!